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At Command Training, we specialize in delivering realistic, scenario-based training in your facility.  Whether you need Technician-level training for new team members, continuing education for existing programs, or are building a Confined Space team from the ground up, you will find our instruction to be accessible for new members and challenging for even the most experienced Technicians. 


We care about delivering real-world training, because our staff are all professional rescuers themselves.  Let our experience work for you. 



Are your Confined Space entries infrequent enough that it is cost prohibitive to maintain your own team?  Let our team work for you. 


When you need to put your people in confined spaces, you want highly trained professionals standing by in case of emergency.  Our staff consists entirely of career Rescuers, trained in emergency medicine and ready to put their years of experience to work for you. 



Unsure about how best to manage the Confined Spaces in your facility?  We can help.


Command Training will assist you in developing the perfect Confined Space Safety Program for your facility.  Before investing money in unneccessary equipment, training, or personnel, let our staff help you determine the safest and most affordable solutions for your unique needs.