Our Team


Our people are our most valuable resource.  Period.


Command Training instructors are all, without exception, career members of the Fire Service, either active duty or retired.  Their knowledge of Confined Space Safety and Rescue comes from years of service on Special Operations Teams, Urban Search and Rescue Teams, and decades of providing instruction in industrial and military settings, both nationally and internationally.


When you partner with Command Training, you are partnering with instructors whose passion is to see industry operate more safely so that everyone goes home at the end of the shift.  The nature of the Fire Service is that every call is different, and a good rescuer must quickly adapt to the real-time needs on the scene.  Through the hard-won experience of serving on the front lines of emergency services, our staff bring that real-world perspective to you. 


When you need training to be delivered by professional, trustworthy experts, Command Training stands ready to serve you.

Confined Space Entry and Rescue